Physical Therapy Exercise Videos

Physical Therapy Videos. Listed below are short exercise video clips with narration which demonstrates typical exercises prescribed by a physical therapist. Videos from featured articles can also be found at the bottom of this page as well. If you are unable to find a specific exercise video please contact us and we will do our best to create and provide the exercise video. Please remember that QuickTime must be installed in order to view these videos. For those users who are unable to access Quick Time on the computer, we are planning to update these videos for other viewing options so that they should be accessible to all. Furthermore, please remember that by accessing these videos you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.
Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot

01. Isometric Ankle Strengthening (Group of four exercises)

Plantarflexion- Dorsiflexion- Inversion- Eversion

02. Resisted Ankle Strengthening (Group of four exercises)

Plantarflexion- Dorsiflexion- Inversion- Eversion

03. Ankle AROM

Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion- Inversion/Eversion

03a & 03b Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion

03c & 03d Inversion/Eversion

04. Ankle PROM

04a & 04b Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion

04c & 04d Inversion/Eversion

05. Ankle Alphabet

06. Plantar Fascia Stretch 

07. Plantar Fascia Stretch with Frozen Bottle

08. Gastroc Calf Stretch

09. Soleus Calf Stretch

10.Towel Calf Stretch

11. Standing Bilateral Heel Raise

12. Standing Bilateral Toe Raise

Z1. Toe Curl

Z2. PROM Toe Flexion/Extension

Z3. Big Toe Mobilization


13. Patella Mobs (Group of four exercises)

Inferior Glide- Superior Glide- Medial Glide- Lateral Glide

14a. Seated Self Knee Flexion

14b. Seated Self Knee Extension

15. Prone Knee Flexion/Quad Stretch

16. Heel Slides

17. Quad Sets

18. Ham Sets

19. Glut Sets

20. Straight Leg Raises

21. Short Arc Quads

22. Side-Lying Hip Abduction

23. 1/4 Wall Slide

24. Hip Adductor/Groin Stretch

25. Hip Flexor Stretch 

26. Seated Piriformis Stretch

27. Supine ITB/Glut Stretch

28. Standing Quad Stretch

29. Supine Active Ham Stretch

30. Seated Ham Stretch

31. Standing Ham Stretch

Z4. Standing Tensor Stretch

Z5. Seated Resisted Knee Flexion

Z6. Seated Resisted Knee Extension

Z7. Standing Resisted Terminal Knee Extension

Z8. Standing Resisted Hip Flexion

Z9. Standing Resisted Hip Extension

Z10. Standing Resisted Hip Adduction

Z11. Standing Resisted Hip Abduction

Z12. Seated Resisted Hip Abduction

Z13. Seated Isometric Hip Adduction

Lumbar Spine/Back

32. Press Up

Z14. Prone Alternate Arm and Leg Lift

33. Four Point Alternate Arm and Leg Lift 

34. Trunk Rotation Stretch

Z15. Mid-Back Stretch

Z16. Angry Cat Stretch

Z17. Wall Lean Stretch

35. Seated Lower Back Stretch

36. Supine Knee to Chest Stretch

37. Pelvic Tilt

38. Bridging

39. Partial Curl Up

40. Lumbar Rotation in Sitting

41. Partial Forward Lunge

Z18. Seated Resisted Abdominal Curls

Z19. Seated Resisted Back Extension

Cervical Spine/Neck

42. Cervical AROM (Group of four exercises)

Flexion- Extension-Side Bend-Rotation

43. Cervical Isometric Strengthening (Group of four exercises) 

Flexion- Extension-Side Bend-Rotation 

44. Shoulder Shrugs 

45. Upper Trapezius Stretch

46. Neck Stretch

47. Levator Scapula Stretch

Z20. Sternocleidomastoid Stretch

Z21. Scalenes Stretch

Z22. Corner Stretch

Z23. Lower Cervical/Upper Thoracic Stretch

Z24. Simulated Kayaking with Cervical AROM


48. GH Wand Exercises

48a, b & c (group of three for Rotator Cuff Tendonitis)

48a. Flexion

48b. Abduction

48c. External Rotation

49. Self GH PROM on Table

49a. Flexion

49b. Abduction

49c. External Rotation

50. Codman’s Pendulum Exercises  (Group of three exercises)    

Side to Side- Forward/Backward- Circular

51. GH Isometric Strengthening (Group of five exercises) 

Flexion- Extension- Abduction- Internal Rotation- External Rotation

52. GH Resistive Strengthening (Group of five exercises)

Flexion- Extension- Abduction- Internal Rotation- External Rotation

Z25. Prone Scapular Stabilization

Z26. Prone Scapular Retraction

Z27. Shoulder Stabilization with Ball Against Wall


53. Wrist Flexor Stretch

54. Wrist Extensor Stretch

55. Forearm Pronation Stretch

56. Forearm Supination Stretch

57. Resisted Wrist Strengthening (Group of four exercises)   

Wrist Flexion- Wrist Extension- Radial Deviation- Ulnar Deviation

58. Resisted Elbow Strengthening

58a. Flexion

58b. Extension

Physioball Exercises

Z28. Sitting Alternating Arm and Leg Lift on Ball

Z29. Supine Curl Ups on Ball

Z30. Supine Alternating Leg Lifts on Ball

Z31. Supine Ham Curls with Ball

Z32. Prone Opposite Arm and Leg Lift on Ball

Z33. Prone Curl Ups on Ball

Z34. Prone Scapular Retraction on Ball

Z35. Prone Scapular Stabilization on Ball

Z36. Prone Front Crawl on Ball

Pilates Mat Exercises

Z37. Modified Hundreds

Z38. Single Knee to Chest Stretch

Z39. Modified Teaser

Z40. Saw

Vestibular Exercises

Z41. Brandt-Daroff Exercise

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