Physical Therapy Related Products & Services

Balance Products Braces / Orthotics Books, CDs, DVDs
Ambulation & Mobility Bariatric Products Goniometers
Gait Belts Dynamometers PT Supplies

Exercise Equipment

Lymphedema Supplies

Mob Belts & Wedges


Massage Supplies

Med Office Supplies

Traction Equipment


E-Stim & TENS


Pilates Equipment

Continuing Education Providers (CEU's)
Cross Country Education - provides CEU's for healthcare professionals
International Alliance of Healthcare Educators - provides CEU's for physical therapists
Physical Therapy Equipment/Suppliers
Foot Solutions - custom orthotics and specialty shoe provider. Please click the following text for informational handouts: Arch supports & common conditions of the foot
PTUnited - physical therapy equipment and supplies
Advanced Bracing Plus - TENS, Interferential, Braces, Iontophoresis, Conductive Garments, Electrodes
ERMI - medical equipment provider that treats loss of motion at various joints
SportAid Wheelchairs - selection of sports wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions, and wheelchair accessories
Physical Therapy Software
VHI Exercise Software – make your own individualized exercise handouts
Redoc Software - IT tools to solve clinical documentation & business issues
SpectraSoft - scheduling and physical therapy software for the digital office
Alliant Physical Therapy Group – own your own physical therapy clinic
HD Athletes - captures & evaluates an athlete's performance in HDTV
Specialized Home Design - CHER - Comprehensive Home Evaluation Report - universal and accessible design consultants
OccuPro - innovative industrial rehab products including functional capacity evaluation
Physical Therapist Sites - Get your own website for your physical therapy practice - Purchase medically oriented graphic ties
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