Brandt-Daroff Exercise

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Brandt-Daroff Exercise 1,2  - Video Z41


1) From an upright seated position move into a side-lying position with your head angled upward about half way (nose is pointed up at about 45°angle).
2) Stay in this side-lying position for 30 seconds or until the dizziness subsides (could require longer than 30 seconds). Than go back into the sitting position.
3) Stay in the upright seated position for 30 seconds and then perform the same steps in the same way on the opposite side.
4) Perform five reps of the complete maneuver.
5) Perform this exercise in 3 sets per day for two weeks with each set consisting of performing the complete maneuver five times


* Should the exercise fail to produce symptoms during a session, stop the exercise for that day. If no symptoms can be produced during the first session of the next day, then stop the exercises entirely.


1 rep = maneuver done to each side in turn (takes 2 minutes). Below is suggested schedule.





5 reps

10 min


5 reps

10 min


5 reps

10 min



1. Brandt T, Daroff RB. Physical therapy for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Arch Otolaryngol, 1980, 106:484-485 (Brandt-Daroff Exercises)

2. Brandt, T, Steddin S, Daroff RB. Therapy for benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo, revisited. Neurology 1994, 44:796-800  

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