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The peroneal muscles are comprised of peroneus longus & brevis and are located outside and under your ankle/foot. They are responsible for bringing your foot outwards (eversion) and up (dorsiflexion). They also assist in providing stability to the outside of your ankle and support to the arch of your foot. These tendons (tendons connect muscle to bone) are often injured when the foot is rolled inwards and there is an application of an abnormal force to the outside of the ankle. This type of activity would often result in a peroneal strain. Repetitive application of abnormal forces to the outside of the ankle can result in an acute condition where the peroneal tendons become and remain inflamed for a period of time resulting in peroneal tendonitis. Pain and swelling at the outside of the ankle is often associated with both of these conditions. Running on sloped or uneven surfaces, poor ankle stability with running & jumping and poor footwear are often contributory factors to the development of a peroneal strain or tendonitis.


Peroneal Strain/Tendonitis Treatment Options for a PT

· (PRICE) Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate

· AROM or gentle PROM exercises (see videos 3, 4a&b and 5 for LE/Ankle/Foot)

· Strengthening/Stabilization (see video 1 for Lower Leg/Ankle/Foot)

· Massage/Soft Tissue Mobilization

· Obtain an ankle brace

· Obtain an orthotic if structural problems of foot exist


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