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The low back is a common area for injury and can be strained when the muscles are stressed secondary to a sudden movement, lifting something that is too heavy or lifting something utilizing poor mechanics. As a result of the injury the muscles in the back can become inflamed, irritable, tight, tender to the touch or go into spasms. The image provided displays the muscles of the low back. Many times this injury can be avoided by incorporation of the abdominal muscles when lifting along with proper mechanics. (image Patrick Hermans.


Low Back Strain Treatment Options for a PT

· Hot packs/Ice packs

· Strengthening/Stabilization (see videos 33, 37, 38, 40 and 41 for back)

· Stretching (see videos 34 and 36 for low back)

· Postural Training (see proper lifting mechanics video)

· Massage/Soft Tissue Mobilization

· Obtain a back brace


Electrical Stimulation


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