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• Andrews University
• Aspen Orthopedics
• Brain Injury Group
• Cross Country Education
• Cross Fit North East Georgia
• Diaz Personal Therapy
• Educise Resources Inc.
• Enhancing Balance
• First Health Associates
• Fraser Health
• Gateway Community College
• Geaux to Physical Therapy
• Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center
• HD Athletes
• Headache Austin
• Health Kneads Massage Therapy
• Indiana Physical Therapy
• Information Outpost
• Kettlebell Therapy
• MedExplorer
• Medical Training Resources
• MedTravelerClub
• Mercyhurst College
• Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
• Milwaukee Sports MD
• NEWS-Line for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants
• New Horizons Un-Limited Inc.
• OccuPro
• O'Halloran Consulting
• On.Line PT CEUs
• Organized Wisdom
• OrthopaedicWeb Links
• Physical Therapy Haven
• Physical Therapy Works
• Physioblasts.Org
• Physiotherapy Works, LLC
• Progressive Physical Therapy Center
• Rehab in Motion and Physical Therapy, Ltd.
• Santa Ana Tustin Physical Therapy
• Specialized Home Design
• SportAid
• The Student Doctor Network
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