PT Classroom - Energetic Balancing - We are made of Energy! by Kerry D’Ambrogio DOM, AP, PT, DO-MTP

Kerry D’Ambrogio is a physical therapist, osteopath and board-certified acupuncture physician. He is the president and director of the D’Ambrogio Institute and Therapeutic Systems, Inc., in Sarasota, Fla. He is the co-author of Positional Release Therapy (Mosby). D’Ambrogio is a graduate of the physical therapy program at the University of Toronto (Canada), the osteopathic program at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (Hamilton, Ont.), the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy (Maidstone, England), and the acupuncture program at the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts (Sarasota, Fla.).

Energetic Balancing
We are made of Energy!

Over time, the body stores and accumulates patterns of physical tension from physical, biochemical, and electromagnetic stressors. Additionally, unresolved mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual issues can contribute an abnormal energetic charge to this existing physical tension creating energetically charged tension and stress patterns (lesions) in the tissues. If left untreated, these unresolved energetic lesions can create structural and functional limitations leading to pain, altered function, and abnormal physiology. Clinically, these are the patients who go from doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist, and have fallen through the cracks in the system. The ones who are over medicated, have failed surgery, have chronic pain, and have lost all hope.

Energetic Balancing (EB) is a three-part course curriculum specifically designed to bridge the gap between bodywork and energy medicine.
Founded on the principles of Quantum Mechanics, EB utilizes specialized energetic techniques to treat at the core level of dysfunction and release this energetically charged tension and stress patterns (physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual) locally and throughout the body. Although, to understand how EB works, we need to review both energy science and quantum physics.

Every living creature on this planet has an energetic blueprint, and the Human Biomatrix is the energetic blueprint that creates the human form. It has the following 3 characteristics:

1. Holographic: It provides a 3D physical form that predetermines who we are, while reflecting our state of being moment to moment.
2. Permanent: If any portion of the physical body is removed, the holographic blueprint of that tissue remains.
3. Multidimensional: It not only represents the physical form but also the vibrational energetic aspects of the emotional and mental planes.

The Hologram associated with the Human Biomatrix is identical to the physical human body (organism) and has the same structural organization: biological, chemical, and quantum.

Biological Structure
The human biological structure consists of organ systems (musculosketal, urinary, digestive, etc.). Each organ systems is composed of organs, and organs are composed of tissues. In the human body, there are the following four types of tissues: endothelial tissue (skin, lining of blood vessels and cavities), muscle tissue (cardia, smooth and skeletal), neural tissue (neurons and glial tissue) and connective tissue (loose/dense, adipose, bone, cartilage, blood, and lymph). These tissues are composed of cells, and although different, each cell has similar characteristics and is composed of organelles.

Chemical Structure
Organelles are made of chemically bound biomolecules, which are protein, fats, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. Each biomolecule is made of smaller molecules, and small molecules are made of chemical elements. These elements are made of atoms, which were once considered the smallest fundamental particle and thought to make up everything in the world. However, later it was discovered that the atom is not the smallest fundamental unit of matter, but there is yet something even smaller.

Quantum Structure
The quantum structure begins inside an atom and consists of the subatomic particles that form the nucleus of the atom (protons and neutrons) and its massive atomic cloud of orbiting electrons. If the atomic nucleus were the size of a small pearl, the electron cloud would be the size of a football field. This makes the atom appear as if it is full of empty space, but in fact, that space is full of vibrating energy located within that electron cloud. Within the atomic nucleus, the protons and neutrons are made up of quarks (up and down) spinning around at the speed of light and creating vibrational energy that creates mass. In reality, we are composed of 100 trillion cells, and each cell is made up of a 100 trillion atoms. These atoms are comprised of electrons and quarks (up and down), which is mostly vibrational energy. So, one could say that since the Human Organism is composed of fundamental particles, and fundamental particles are units of dynamic energy, then the human body is also comprised of dynamic units of energy.

From an Energy Medicine perspective, energy refers to subtle imperceptible forces, frequently described as a vital force or life force, that flows through the body. Since all matter and psychological processes (thought, beliefs, emotions, and consciousness) are composed of energy, it can be said that the physical body is the manifestation or representation of an energy field made of superimposed dynamic segments of vibration. In that light, everything, in some subtle way, moves. Nothing rests. Everything alive vibrates and pulses with the flow of life force that pervades the universe. Life is movement, and when this movement is disturbed, there is dis-ease. An excessive, deficient, or obstructed energy flow creates disease and dysfunction, whereas balanced energy flow promotes health and homeostasis.

Now that we know the human organism and all we see is made of energy, we now need to look at the principles of quantum physics to understand this further. Quantum Physics states that mass and energy are interchangeable, and consequently, that mass is merely a manifestation of energy. This means that everything, including humans, is simply energy stored in mass particle form.

According to Quantum Mechanics, energy can appear in both wave and particle form. The wave form represents potential, whereas the particle is the manifested form of one of those potentials. The observation that collapses that potential into physical form comes from our experiences, conditioning, expectations, thoughts, and beliefs. The physical body is therefore a manifested form of potential in particle form. Once observation causes a wave to take particle form, the other possibilities or probabilities cease to exist. The role of an energy worker is to observe alternate potentials that may be available to the client. The observation of an alternate potential provides the opportunity for attention and energy to shift from fixed particle form back to a wave of possibility, and this is where change can occur. The aim is to balance these excess, deficient, or stagnant subtle energy fields to improve energy flow and promote health.

EB is a supportive treatment approach that addresses the body as a total unit while supporting the innate ability of the body to heal. This concept of holism refers to the physical representation of the sum of the structural, physiological, energetic, mental, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, consciousness, and environmental influences. This is also known as the “Total Body Lesion.” As the body accumulates acute and chronic stress patterns, tension from unresolved mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual/consciousness issues can lead to pain, poor posture, restricted range of motion, and altered function.

The EB Treatment Approach includes an evaluation, principle-based treatment, and re-evaluation. Evaluation and re-evaluation are used to not only identify the total body energetic lesion but to also measure the effectiveness of the energetic balancing treatment. Doing this, builds both confidence and credibility as a practitioner. Principle-based treatment utilizes techniques that treat the physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, spiritual/consciousness factors, and environmental influences on the patient. By using a treatment approach that addresses the total body, treatment will be more efficient and outcomes more effective increasing the likelihood of helping those hopeless patients.

The D’Ambrogio Institute offers three classes in the Energetic Balancing
Curriculum. Each class explores the science behind Energetic Balancing and
teaches evaluation pre- and post-treatment to measure the subtle changes
and the effectiveness of this technique. Class participants will learn how to form energetic holograms of the physical lesion for the application of the principle-based treatment.

Level 1, Energetic Balancing Musculoskeletal (EBMS), teaches how to evaluate and treat energetic lesions in the musculoskeletal system (fasciae, muscles, diaphragms, bones, joints, sutures, meninges, and foreign objects) at a single location. Additionally, instruction includes how to perform energetic self-treatment sessions, face to face treatment sessions, and remote treatment sessions. No Prerequisite.

Level 2, Energetic Balancing Mind Body (EBMB), expands on the content presented in EBMS by including instruction on how to evaluate and treat energetic lesions in the viscera and endocrine glands at multiple locations. This course introduces Internal Factors (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors), and how these factors can influence physical health. Instruction includes how to perform energetic self-treatment sessions, face to face treatment sessions, and remote treatment sessions. Prerequisite EB1-MS.

Level 3, Energetic Body Total Body (EBTB), expands on previous content by including instruction on how to evaluate and treat energetic lesions throughout the supporting physical (nervous, arteriovenous, and lymphatic systems) and emotional/energetic networks (chakras and acupuncture meridians) of the body. This course examines External Factors and the concept of Consciousness, and how both can influence the total body lesion. Treatment locations include fascial chains, regions, imagery, and combinations of the total body energy systems. Additional activation tools are introduced. Instruction includes how to perform energetic self-treatment sessions, face to face treatment sessions, and remote treatment sessions. Prerequisite EB1-MS and EB2-MB.

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Last revised: March 15, 2020
by Kerry D’Ambrogio DOM, AP, PT, DO-MTP and Trisha Becker, PT, DPT, MHS, OCS

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