PT Information for Patients & Injured Individuals

Educating and involving the patient or injured individual in regards to physical therapy is a high priority at Various features are available on the site which are designed to create a closer connection between the patient/injured individual needing care and the therapist providing that care. CyberPT is a great pre, concurrent or post physical therapy resource where the patient can request general advice, learn more about a condition, become familiar with PT treatment options and search for nearby physical therapy clinics. Visitors can even watch surgical and exercise video clips right from the comfort of their home.


Points of interest for patients or injured individuals includes:
Conditions and Treatments
Ask a Physical Therapist
Patient Message Board
Exercise Video Clips
Videos of Surgical Procedures
Find a Physical Therapy Clinic
Physical Therapy Related Articles
Physical Therapy Related Products & Services





Terms & Conditions

Please review our terms and conditions carefully before utilization of the Site. The information on this Site is for informational purposes only and should in no way replace a conventional visit to an actual live physical therapist or other healthcare professional. It is recommended that you seek professional and medical advise from your physical therapist or physician prior to any form of self treatment.