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Primal Reflex Release

Golfer's Elbow

By Frank Fantazzi, PT, OCS- Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT) is a new treatment approach in the field of pain treatment and management that has the potential to radically alter the influence of the physical therapist in the healthcare model. Primal Reflex Release Technique will create the next paradigm shift in physical therapy.  ...>>read more Are you experiencing pain at the inside of your elbow? Does the muscle in your forearm feel tight or sore? Does grasping items make your symptoms worse? If this is your situation than you may be experiencing a condition called golfer's elbow. This is an injury which is commonly seen by a physical therapist and is often associated with overuse and poor ...>>read more 

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Other Featured Articles

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Golf Health

Golf is a fun sport which at a glance may not appear to be as strenuous compared to other popular sports such as football, baseball or basketball. However, a typical golf swing can exert pressure and torque on the shoulders, back, hips and mid section which could result in injury. The best way to prevent injury is to ensure proper mechanics/posture are utilized along with a proper warm up and stretching routine.  ...>>read more



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