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 Intro to Biosynchronistics: Promote Wellness with Fascial Therapy

 Manual Therapy  Orthopedics  Posture

 New York Long Island April 14 & 15, 2018

Want fast, easy results? 2-day CE seminar: 14 CEs   REGISTER 5 FROM YOUR CLINIC, GET 6TH ATTENDEE FREE! 

Intro to Biosynchronistics: An exciting, novel manual therapy approach!


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Date: April 14-15th, 2018 Location: Long Island, NY 

Save your hands, save your clients with a NEW hands-on system: BioSynchronistics®: 

Immediately improve mobility, reduce pain, align posture, and restore function in your clients!
• Fast assessment 
• Sequentially un-layer biomechanical and functional imbalances 
• Improve mobility starting in just the 1st session. 
• Increased mobility
• Better posture
• Restored muscle and joint function • Reduced pain 
• Quick treatments - as little as 20 minutes
• Lasting results

Fast and easy benefits:
• Easy on your hands
• No oil or lotion needed
• Clients are clothed
• Minimal equipment / cost-effective
• Tired of insurance? Use for wellness and prevention
• Appropriate for all ages
• Clients love the gentle movement

What’s in it for you? 

· Gain theoretical and practical understanding of BioSynchronistics® concepts
· Learn how to apply BioSynchronistics® to give your clients immediate relief
· Gain enhanced palpatory and observational skills for assessing common dysfunctions
· Gain new kinesthetic insights and fresh perspective on common biomechanical problems

BioSynchronistics® is a holistic approach needed for today’s fast-paced and insurance-driven world. It is a way to use manual therapy in a total-body approach based on innovative biomechanical principles of gravitational containment. 14 credit hours approved by the NCBTMB, Inc. and NY State Boards of physical therapy and massage therapy. 

Course Description BioSynchronistics® uses manual therapy in a total-body approach based on innovative biomechanical principles of gravitational containment. Use safe and consistently effective interventions in approaching old problems in new ways.  BioSynchronistics® is a therapeutic method in which a client is assessed from postural, biomechanical, energetic and functional impairment perspectives to evaluate mobility impairments related to abnormal alignment, kinetics, and kinematics of motion. BioSynchronistics interventions manage identified mobility impairments using gentle manual therapy and functional movement to balance the system for improved function. The body uses its inherent ability to heal and adapt to changing circumstances. In injury and disease, its fascial memory stores significant information related to motion restrictions. BioSynchronistics® applies principles of physics to restore healthy movement by modifying adaptive kinematics and fascial restrictions post-injury and teaching clients to maximize adaptive potential for optimal mobility and function. 

Learning Outcomes: 1) Define BioSynchronistics® 2) List three examples citing how musculoskeletal and visceral dysfunctions in the body can be managed from an integrative biomechanical perspective. 3) Describe how external force affects postural alignment in a systematic pattern 4) Identify abnormal postural alignment as a starting point for biomechanical intervention. 5) Describe Fascial Inversions and identify them during postural assessments 6) Demonstrate correct starting position and client instructions prior to beginning unlayering sequence. 7) Demonstrate Spinal Balancing and Assessment Technique and elongation techniques for extremities 8) Apply the principles of the BioSynchronistics® Approach to promote a healing response with myofascial and postural system balancing. 9) Analyze and integrate information from a client’s past medical history relative to postural implications 10) List clinical examples of the application of BioSynchronistics postural assessment and realignment interventions. 11) Explain the difference between stability versus restriction in a shortened postural muscle 12) Demonstrate a BioSynchronistics evaluation of an individual and list sequentially appropriate intervention strategies for improving biomechanical alignment and functional mobility 13) Discuss 3 specific factors that affect outcomes using BioSynchronistics 14) Integrate BioSynchronistics unlayering sequence into a variety of clinical settings 

Invest in your future: Discount Before 3/15 $395, after 3/15 $425 SPACE IS LIMITED FOR THIS HANDS-ON CLASS!

Client Testimonials:
“I came to the sessions with massive pain in my legs from driving. I don’t have that pain anymore and I can walk, drive and live without pain now.” - Allison Sobel, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA

“I have been in pain for years, to the point my husband had to help me in and out of the shower. My blood pressure was 176/110, my digestive system was completely out of whack. Since I have been going to ESI, I am practically pain free, blood pressure is 117/76 and my digestive system is back on track. They have given me my life back! Love this program!” - Brenda V.College of the Holy Cross

Use BioSynchronistics® in:
• Medical rehab settings: PT/OT/DC
• Massage therapy
• Spa
• Athletic training and coaching

BioSynchronistics ® was developed by Carol Tschirpke PT and Cheryl Wilbur PT, Co-founders, Quality Physical Therapy, Inc. Seminar sponsored by Educise™. Questions: Call 877-281-3382.

End Date:Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Contact Info
Theresa Schmidt
Educise Resources Inc
Phone :(877) 281-3382


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